Rustic Central Oregon Wedding

  1. Beautiful images! I love how you captured their personalities throughout the day. Her ring is gorgeous and I love how you captured it on the peacock feather – very creative!

  2. Amanda Tipton says:

    Beautiful! I love that composite image in particular.

  3. Pamela Tabb says:

    This wedding looks like a total blast! You did an amazing job capturing it~

  4. ANNAdventure says:

    Amazing! I love these so much! What a sweet couple. I love her ring too 😉

  5. Jill Beaulieu says:

    Well done Erica! You really captured the essence of these two.

  6. Stephanie Simmons says:

    What a gorgeous wedding day with a beautiful couple. I love all the rustic touches. Erica, you did a phenomenal job capturing the love between them!

  7. Caitlin Marjorie says:

    Beautiful collection. Love it!

  8. Crystal Stall says:

    I love her gown! What beautiful images!

  9. Jennie says:

    You captured this beautifully! I love the attention to details and the shot of the ring on the peacock feather!

  10. Rayna says:

    I absolutely love that ring shot and the photos of them hanging out on the porch. Adorable!!

  11. Elizabeth Stamm Weitz says:

    Beautiful and gorgeous wedding you photographed!

  12. Adena Rossiter says:

    Beautiful!! Your detail shots are PERFECT!

  13. Jamie Kraus says:

    Her ring is so beautiful and I love the boots!

  14. Julia Morgan says:

    Wow! So pretty, start to finish…amazing job capturing every stunning detail!

  15. Megan Bowerman says:

    I LOVE this overview of our day! Everything was such a whirlwind, but you have saved me from the stress of feeling as though I wasn’t cherishing every moment and detail. You captured it all!! Thank you!!

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